Accepting new members Spring 2022

Tesshin has been reaching out to the Winnipeg community with the purpose of inviting interested people to study kendo: the way of the sword.

You certainly don’t require anything to try kendo except gym attire and a water bottle. Kendo is studied barefoot and several classes are dedicated to etiquette and basics with emphasis on footwork. We are inviting members to try kendo until May 10th and you are welcome to try a practice or all practices until that time.

If you have any questions regarding our practices please contact us via our Facebook page.

Tesshin Dojo mailing list


Summer schedule – effective from June 10th 

Please note – effective immediately

We are moving to summer schedule. Tuesday is unaffected and will continue 6pm-8pm. 
Saturday practice will take place from 10am – 12pm. This change will start June 10 and will continue June July and August. The change is meant to allow people more time to enjoy the summer. 

We will resume 12pm practice in September. 

**exemption – June 24 will be a 12pm practice.

Class Changes for November

Please make note of the following changes –

Saturday November 28th 12:00pm-2:00pm is cancelled due to a pre-existing event at Lindenwoods community centre.

New student inquires welcome – Please ensure that you read the web page “Joining Tesshin” for the best possible start up information. New students considering joining Tesshin Kendo Club are welcome to visit either of our 2 classes without appointment.

Schedule Update

Tesshin Kendo Club training schedule for 2015/2016 is in effect.

Saturday 12:00pm – 2:00pm

Thursday 7:45pm – 9:15pm

New prospective students are welcome to join at anytime in the year and are encouraged to visit Tesshin Kendo Club to collect the appropriate membership information.  Location as well as fee schedule are located on this website. Please join us on Facebook for current ongoing information regarding practices, tournaments and social events.