Joining Tesshin

If you are serious about studying kendo, the following information is essential for getting started. Tesshin Dojo Instructors teach on a volunteer bases solely for the benefit, growth, and improvement of Kendo.

Kendo Fees

Kendo Fees are due bi-yearly September 1st and February 1st

Individual – $200/6 months
Family (Up to four people at the same address) – $500/Yearly on Sept 1st

All members are required to join and pay yearly membership fees to the Canadian Kendo Federation (CKF) an annual fee of $50. (Junior students 15 years and under $15)

Additional Costs

Because Kendo has equipment involved and is full contact in nature, there are expenses that students can expect to encounter in the first year of training.

First week – Shinai/bamboo sword $40. Ordered online.
1-2 months Bokuto/wooden sword $40. Ordered online.
3 months – Keikogi and Hakama/top and bottom of uniform approx. $100. These items are ordered through the dojo
6-8 months – Bogu/Armour Approx $500. This a major purchase and is made through the dojo to suppliers such as All Japan Budogu and Mikatsuki Bodogu. Please note that shinai may last 1-2 years with care. Keikogi and hakama should last several years. Bogu should last 12-15 years with proper care and maintenance. All purchases are made with the guidance of senior members or sensei to ensure that students are educated and informed regarding equipment standards and requirements in Kendo.

Dedication And Determination

Kendo takes commitment to learn and skill does not comes easy. The students that flourish in kendo are those who endure long hours of practice and follow the examples of their smpai (seniors) and sensei (teachers). The birthplace of kendo is Japan, and students of kendo will observe Japanese culture and etiquette as part of their kendo education.